I first met Dr. Joel Razook and his staff in October of 2012.

Having been born with congenital eye disease, detached retina in one eye, I rely on my “Good Eye." I am 48 now, and was diagnosed with a cataract in the early 1980’s. At that time, due to the severe nature of my condition, medical technology had not evovled enough to attempt such a risky procedure to perform a Cataract Surgery.

My condition had progressed to the point that I could no longer recognize good friends across a room. Grocery shopping had become a pain because I had to have a friend walk with me to find items on the shelves.

Dr. Razook had the skill and fortitude to undertake the proceedure, his kindness, as well as his staffs excel among all others.

The outcome has been a blessing.

The staff at Dr. Razook's is some of the nicest and professional folk I’ve met; they care, and are always there for anything. No question is too “dumb” or a “waste of time."

Paul Gilliam
Blanchard, Oklahoma